bUtterFlies AnD buLLfrOgs pResChool

It has almost been two years since my oldest little guy started preschool. 
I have to say that we had decided against placing him in a class, mostly because of the extra money that we thought we didn't have. One day I asked my friend, Ms. Hanah, if I could see her class room. Dax went with me. I still remember the look on his face as he saw the little chairs, books, and fun learning decorations on the walls. The excitement in his demeanor sold me instantly. There HAD to be a way to make him going to this school, happen. I remember leaving that day and immediatly calling my husband and basically begging him to be alright with putting Dax into preschool. To my surprise, it wasn't hard at all to get him to agree.
What WAS hard, was the first few months of school. Dax, is what I would call a strong RED personality. He won't do what he doesn't want to do and he's EXTREMELY loud about letting his voice be heard, whether it's what I want or what he wants. He didn't like it one bit when I would leave him. I had to walk him in every day and most of the time, I was expected to stay for at least 15 minutes, and then when I could leave, it was sneaking out. The days I couldn't stay for long or was caught sneaking out, the entire neighborhood heard it. The person that took the brunt of it was Ms. Hanna. I'm sure it was more than a few times that she got a fist to the face as she took him down to class. She would always say to me "He's fine as soon as you leave" or "It gets better! I promise!" She was calming to me and most importantly, to Dax.
Little by little, things continued to get better. By the end of the first year, he was running ahead of me to get to class and was ALWAYS speaking so fondly of Ms. Hanna and his new friends from school, while at home.
This year, we put him in again and it was maybe two weeks into school starting, that we had gotten out of the car, and were getting ready to walk in, when Dax said "Um, Mom... I'm going to walk in by myself today".... it won't be a surprise that THAT was a hard thing for me to let happen. Yes, I was upset because my baby wasn't so much of a baby anymore, but what's more, is I was SO thankful to Ms. Hanah for her patience, understanding, and love toward Dax. Him wanting to walk RUN in by himself, was a complete payoff of what this school was doing for him and I give full credit to Ms. Hanna, to the growth he had/has made. 
As we are approaching the last few weeks of school, I'm recognizing all that Dax has learned. Not only scholastically (he's reading books) but socially and personally. Having him attend Butterflies and Bullfrogs Preschool has been worth EVERY SINGLE DIME! I can't thank Ms. Hanna enough for all that she's done for my little boy. So much so, that my other little guy will be entering as Dax is leaving for big boy school :)

As you're deciding on weather or not to place your child in preschool, I would strongly suggest looking into bUtterFlies AnD buLLfrOgs pResChool

It has been MORE than a learning experience for Dax, it has been a growing experience too. Just a few weeks ago was kindergarten roundup at his new school. At one point, the kids were asked to leave their parents to find the teacher that they were assigned to. Dax did it. He didn't even look back. He walked up all by himself. I was a blubbering mess, but I know that I wouldn't have been the only one blubbering had he not had his preschool learning opportunity.  It was priceless and completely worth it to know he had found the confidence to walk away... now the only one that is going to have to learn to let go, is ME :)
THANK YOU, Ms. Hanah... You'll never know how much we appreciate you and all that you've done for Daxer.

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