Mr. and Mrs. Call 2013

I love weddings! Even more than that, I LOVE the clients that I get to work with when doing them. Aubrey and Jordan were no exception. I fell in love with them and their families pretty quick. I was actually very sad when the job was over. I love when work doesn't feel like work.
I know that I tend to photo overload when posting the weddings that I've done, but you should know that I do it because on those special days, I have SUCH a blast and I want to share the fun and experience that I get to have at these awesome events, with you.
I hope that you enjoy the post. I ESPECIALLY hope that Aubrey, Jordan and your sweet families love the post. Thank you so much for letting me tag along. I had so much fun!
 A special thanks to Amber Larsen from Amb Larsen Photography for her help at the temple. ;)


and for the reception....

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