Mr. and Mrs. "W"

So, usually when you show up to the Salt Lake City Temple grounds, you never think that you'll get anything but amazing shots of that awesome building. I will never forget the feeling of shear horror when Laur and I were walking toward Temple Square and saw what the below pictures will show you... I couldn't believe that it was actually happening and then I wondered if Katie (the bride) had seen what was awaiting her and her new husband's pictures.... what would you have thought???

It was a funny memory for us as photographers and I thought I should snap a few shots for Katie and Preston, whether they thought it was funny or not :)
The big piece of machinery aside, the day was just perfect. I loved how Preston couldn't keep his eyes off of his bride. They love each other and it's hard to miss the excitement in their faces as you look through these pictures.


Fun Family Times said...

Love her colors and of course your beautiful pictures!

Amb said...

So cute Ashlee! Great job!